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What Our Clients Say

Bonny Quick

The Win Clinic is my go-to clinic for all my dogs: for fitness programmes for my agility dogs, for the rehabilitation of injuries, and for the maintenance of physical wellbeing in my older, retired dogs. I value Nicky’s opinion enormously – her integrity and compassion for dogs makes The Win Clinic easily my number one choice. Without a doubt this is one of the leading canine clinics in the UK.


Thank you for all your care for Bella over the last 18 months. You have done a marvellous job of getting her back to a fit and healthy dog, from one with back issues that had affected so much of her body. You have been so thorough and helpful and have suggested further therapies which have also helped. The exercises/homework you gave us have provided us with things we can work on. They’ve given me such an insight into how to get her body moving well again. You have been so compassionate for both me and Bella. I really appreciate it.


Thank you for helping my dogs and myself with our various problems over the past four years. It is so reassuring to find a knowledgeable professional who is conscientious and approachable. You go the extra mile not only to assess the problem, you take the time to explain an ongoing and evolving practical recovery treatment plan with clear and precise instructions for exercises at home. I have no hesitation in recommending the Win Clinic.


I have been taking three of my dogs to the Win Clinic for a while. Each for various reasons. I have found Nicky’s knowledge and ability to adapt to each dog and their needs exceptional, and they’ve all improved substantially. I have recommended the Win Clinic to many of my agility clients and they have been equally pleased. I can’t imagine taking my dogs anywhere else now.  


The help we’ve had from the Win Clinic has been absolutely priceless. Everything from maintenance check-ups, to pre-agility warm-up routines, to some very complicated muscular and spinal issues with both our dogs. They’ve taken it all in their stride, being calm, supportive and sympathetic (to both dogs and humans!). The clinic works closely with professionals in other fields and will not hesitate to recommend different treatments if they feel it’s best for the dog. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. I feel lucky that we have the Win Clinic in the South-West.


Nicky’s care and attention to detail in treating my dog were exemplary and by following her clear instructions regarding stretches and exercises my little girl is now sound again. The Win Clinic took the time and trouble to look beyond the obvious. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.


We obviously love coming to you for Blaze’s treatment. If we didn’t come for the treatment, I really don’t think he would have a very good quality of life now. Although he has the odd bad day, generally he can go and do everything he wants to thanks to your treatment and all the exercises you give him to do to keep him comfortable and pain-free. The clinic is great as it’s nice and quiet so he can concentrate on what he’s meant to be doing. His reaction when he sees you clearly shows he enjoys coming too which is great! You have a great approach with him and are really patient when he gets distracted.


If I ever had any doubts that the treatment provided by the Win Clinic was effective, my dog’s reaction to turning up at the clinic and to Nicky herself says it all. Spooks has a chronic back problem that manifests itself in stiffness, lethargy and mood changes indicating the discomfort it brings him. Regular treatment appears to alleviate his pain and, I believe, he knows he is going to get relief as he ‘assumes the position’ almost the instant he gets in the room. I am very happy that this therapy minimises the drug intervention Spooks requires and that he continues to enjoy his life despite his condition.


I very much value your understanding of what we ask agility dogs to do and the stresses that this can put upon their bodies. Sometimes I feel that this is not completely understood by other vets/physios. Your attention to detail, both in the treatment given and the rehab plan is welcome. I had no idea Willow was carrying an injury when we first came to see you, but I can see the difference in her performance since she has been treated.


The Win Clinic is by referral only, so there is an invaluable line of communication directly with our local veterinary team (Mount Vets) which enables discussions around symptoms and treatment.  The Win Clinic also link with the specialist vets (and in our case, that has been Langfords at Bristol).  Helpful knowledge is shared in the reports, X-rays and tests so there is a multi-disciplinary approach to managing the ‘recovery’ treatment for our dog with physiotherapy.  It is a great comfort to us as owners that these dialogues take place which gives our dog the very best of care to assist her getting as well as possible.

Our dog has a very complex history and the Win Clinic looks at all angles of her health – not just the physiotherapy that is carefully managed for her injury – but the whole ‘wellbeing’ and ‘bigger picture’ of our dog is cared for as well.  Any anomalies spotted are discussed and followed up appropriately, both with us as owners, and other specialists.


My instructor’s words after just one treatment session from the Win Clinic: “Tilly’s much more flexible and elastic. She looks like a different horse!” Despite my horse’s challenging behaviour, Nicky continued to calmly assess, identify and treat her imbalances. She clearly explained my horse’s difficulties to me and gave me exercises to do with her; both in-hand and ridden. It was great to feel a part of her treatment and I’m now much more aware of what I can do to help Tilly. A fantastic service – thank you Win Clinic!


My Labrador, Lily broke her hind leg aged just four months old. After undergoing Orthopaedic surgery to her femur, she was unable to put her leg to the ground. The limb became withered, rotated and completely disused. After taking a secondary veterinary opinion I was told that amputation looked inevitable. However, the vet suggested one last option. I was referred to the Win Clinic for physiotherapy. Nicky put together a very comprehensive program of stretches, massage, electrotherapy for pain relief, exercises, lots of advice and a machine that gave electrical stimulation to Lilly’s muscles. Nicky’s commitment, patience and tailored service to Lily paid huge dividends and within one month, Lily was able to place her leg to the floor. A year on, and Lily is leading a virtually normal, happy four-legged dog’s life! I have no doubt that without all the excellent work and attention Nicky provided Lily would have lost her leg. I cannot express how pleased we are with Lily’s recovery and it is all down to the care and treatment the Win Clinic provided. Thank you.


Benji is a six-year-old Shih Tzu, who I adopted from the RSPCA when he was a puppy. As a young dog, he was active and along with long walks, did agility and heelwork to music.  I noticed as he got older, he was generally slowing down and just thought it was due to his age. But he also was becoming more withdrawn from me and his friends (three other Shih Tzu), sleeping more, growling when I tried to pick him up or move him, reluctant to exercise, would hold his tail clamped down whilst walking, and had never wagged his tail, and was off his food.


I heard of the Win Clinic through the vet surgery that I work at, and asked them to look at Benji, as he is only six and I felt his behaviour was not all to do with his character.  They found that he had a lot of muscle tension and was all over quite sore and stiff. Poor Benji, no wonder he was struggling with life.


The Win Clinic saw him just three times and all I can say is what an amazing transformation there has been! He interacts and plays with the other dogs, is active on walks, keeps his tail up and runs or trots both on the flat and up and down hills, is generally much more active and alert and is eating properly again – and is hardly ever caught napping. 


Thank you, Win Clinic, for giving me Benji back, I missed him.  He means the world to me, and I know he is in safe hands with you.


The Win Clinic treats my young ‘work in progress’ and older advanced dressage horses. Having Nicky treat both horse and rider has addressed issues that had previously just been accepted as ‘negative attitude’ and ‘limitation in horse’s ability’. It also fills me with confidence that as a partnership, we are at our best. Being able to continue with stretches and exercises both on the ground and riding made me feel that the treatments were continuing, and after a hard schooling session I had the confidence in providing a little relief to both myself and my horse.


My older horse had a horrific fall out on the road. Thanks to Nicky’s treatment and support his recovery has been astounding! I contacted the Win Clinic and within 24 hours, they’d liaised with my vet and had a treatment plan set up. A very stressful and traumatic experience was made so much better.


I cannot recommend the Win Clinic highly enough. They explain everything in detail (even to the non-horsey dad who has been roped into help) and never leave me thinking my horses are just a number!

Mr & Mrs Bush & Bramley

Six months ago, Bramley, our four-year-old Bernese was a slow, plodding dog with an odd gait. He was diagnosed with tetra paresis and we were referred to the Win Clinic. With their support and encouragement (and following their recommendations on exercise and diet), we now have a bouncy, cheerful dog. His quality of life has improved immeasurably due to Nicky’s skill for which we will be forever grateful.

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