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Working Dog Fitness and Conditioning Workshops 

Improve performance and reduce injury with this sport specific work shop

This course is aimed at dogs training or working in protection sports, the police and other service dogs. It will combine both theory and practical elements. The theory will cover a break down of the forces and loads that sports and work place on our dog’s musculoskeletal system and how we can protect and optimise their condition through training. Learning to spot any early signs that they are in difficulty and how to manage that will also be discussed.
The practical will include warm up and cool down routines, and working through foundation to intermediate level conditioning, specifically aimed at protection sports and service dogs. 

Both working and observational places are available but working spots are limited. 


Working spots: £70 

Spectator spots: £45

A working dog spot will include:
* involvement in the practical element, 
* a stance analysis assessment using our Companion Stance Analyser, 
* Gait work up by a physiotherapist,
* Discounts on future fitness planning and assessment
Please bear in mind that your dog will be working in an indoor space with other dogs. If you have any concerns about the suitability of the venue and set up for your dog, please get in touch.
If you do not have a working spot, please do not bring dogs into the venue, they will need to remain in your vehicle during the course. 

Location: Eye 2 Eye Dogs, 

Back Lane

Kingston Seymour

BS21 6UY

Start time: 10.30 (approx finish time 3pm)

Facilities: Parking, Toilets, Tea, coffee and lunch able to be purchased from the venue