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The specialists in managing and treating agility dogs.

Agility is a physically demanding sport for your dog, whether you just train for fun or represent your country.


At the Win Clinic, we have many years of experience working with agility dogs of all levels and experience. We have worked with two GB teams and we work with multiple GB partnerships.


As specialists in this field, we understand the specific physiotherapy and fitness requirements that your dog needs to successfully train and compete.

What we can offer:

  • Agility specific health checks 

  • Stance analysis

  • Gait analysis 

  • Bespoke fitness programs 

  • Custom-built canine gym

  • Dryland treadmill 

  • Management of poor performance 

  • Video analysis 

  • Bespoke warm-up and cool down programs

  • One to one fitness coaching - tailor made for you and your dog from the comfort of your own home 

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Dogs are masters at compensating for pain by adapting their posture and movement. They will often keep jumping, keep weaving, keep being enthusiastic to work. This can often mean that pain goes unnoticed. Therefore, it is essential to the health and welfare of your dog to book in for routine physiotherapy sessions to get your dog fully checked over by a physiotherapist. 


Regular agility fitness checks enable 
  • Early detection of issues

  • Less time away from what you both love

  • Better performance

  • Peace of mind 

Agility expertise at your fingertips, where ever you are in the world 
Bespoke, individual ONLINE one to one coaching

  • Be part of our growing online community 

  • This is NOT a generic, one size fits all fitness program 

  • We will tailor-make a bespoke program specifically for you and your dog

  • Receive individual exercise plans with video demonstrations

  • We will be with you every step of the way to provide advice and feedback

  • You will receive regular online face to face sessions so we can make sure your dog stays safe 

  • Get your winter training program nailed down to start next season off to a cracker

£46 a session
£210 for five sessions 
£415 for ten sessions
Coming Soon


Clinic sessions

  • Expert physiotherapy assessment and treatment specific for your sport 

  • Agility MOT

  • Sport specific assessments 

  • Rehabilitation

  • Fitness tests

  • State of the art stance analysis available 


£85 inc VAT - New Assessments & Treatment

£70 inc VAT Follow-up Treatments

Video Analysis

  • Send us your videos of training or competition 

  • Expert analysis of movement, biomechanics, jump, weave and contact techniques

  • Spot the early signs of any movement issues 


£23 inc VAT

Strength &
Conditioning Sessions

  • Custom built gym

  • Bespoke fitness program and individualised goal setting approach 

  • Receive structured, individual exercise plans with video demonstrations

  • Perfect for young dogs, competing dogs of all ages and experience

  • Perfect for return to sport post injury


One off session: £55


Multi-session discounts:

Five sessions: £250 

Ten sessions: £500

What Our Clients Say


The Win Clinic is my go-to clinic for all my dogs: for fitness programmes for my agility dogs, for the rehabilitation of injuries, and for the maintenance of physical wellbeing in my older, retired dogs. I value the team's opinion enormously - their integrity and compassion for dogs make The Win Clinic easily my number one choice. Without a doubt, this is one of the leading canine clinics in the UK.


The help we’ve had from the Win Clinic has been absolutely priceless. Everything from maintenance check-ups, to pre-agility warm-up routines, to some very complicated muscular and spinal issues with both our dogs. They’ve taken it all in their stride, being calm, supportive and sympathetic (to both dogs and humans!). The clinic works closely with professionals in other fields and will not hesitate to recommend different treatments if they feel it’s best for the dog. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. I feel lucky that we have the Win Clinic in the South-West.


I have been taking all of my dogs to the Win Clinic for a while. Each for various reasons. I have found Nicky’s knowledge and ability to adapt to each dog and their needs exceptional, and they’ve all improved substantially. I have recommended the Win Clinic to many of my agility clients and they have been equally pleased. I can’t imagine taking my dogs anywhere else now.  

And if injury hampers play, come and talk to us in conjunction with your vet.


We’ll provide specific rehabilitation programmes that, if appropriate, return you and your dog to sport; fully fit and pain-free.


Does it work? Well, yes. We have many agility clients that swear by our work with them. The welfare of your dog always comes first at the Win Clinic. When they’re happy and pain-free, they deliver their very best performance for you.

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