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Partner Specialists

Catherine Tomlinson is a leading canine behaviourist. Sometimes a behaviour change is a symptom of pain. Collaborating with Catherine, we can develop a better understanding of the situation, to ensure that your dog is treated effectively.

Loose lead walking is key for dog rehabilitation and Catherine can be very helpful when this is necessary.

If you have a senior dog, we’ll shortly be introducing some classes to help keep them in shape, physically and mentally.

Catherine Tomlinson

Providing acupuncture on a weekly basis at the Win Clinic, we’re pleased to have a close relationship with Kate Rew MRCVS of Integrated Vet Services. Ideal for joint issues and chronic pain management, Kate is a qualified vet – as is necessary to administer acupuncture to animals.


Effective complementary treatment for many rehabilitation programmes, the Win Clinic works closely with three local hydrotherapy centres: H2O Canine Therapy – this centre is next door to our clinic. Dogs at Donyatt – this centre is useful for our Lyme Regis and Seaton clients. We support it with regular satellite clinics. Four Paws Rehab – this treatment centre is based in Kentisbeare.

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