Book Four Live Events and Save £20 - 8 May, 13 June, 17 July & 21 August 2021 from 10 - 11.30 am UK time


How to teach your clients the behaviours that underpin a canine fitness program. This will be a series of 5 events showing a live progression of teaching and fitness with two dogs. Topics covered include:


  • Positive training methods
  • Motivation and drive
  • Shaping - how and when to use it 
  • Reward type, placement and frequency 
  • Teaching stillness and why its important 
  • Detailed breakdown of exercises


Bonny and Nicky have a unique combinaton of expertise where the physiotherapy and agility world combine.  


Sports focus for conditioning and fitness work

90 minutes of fun with a Q&A opportunity.


Recording available with your purchase


Following four event dates to be confirmed asap. Follow the two dogs progressing though the program.

Pawspiration Events Bundle (2 - 5)

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  • Bonny has been competing in and training agility for over a decade. All Bonny’s dogs – across a range of height categories – have medalled internationally while representing Great Britain. Nationally, they have won many accolades including 14 Championship Tickets (CCs) and 6 Reserve Championship Tickets (RCCs).